The Hermon Cohen Law office in London is the corporate and social headquarters of the firm. Each one of the professionals that make up the Barcelona headquarters is integrated in the different specialisation groups of will writing solicitors, which allows a great agility and easiness of integration of teams in multidisciplinary services both at national level. As, if any, international.

The European Union constitutes a natural and strategic geographic area for Herman Cohan Wills by our international vocation and the need to be always close to the client. Therefore, in 2015, it decided to become a reference firm also in Europe in the region, where it has been present for more than two decades through different alliances.

In this new stage, Herman Cohen Wills develops the European legal and tax practice through a network of own offices. We are a unique firm with an integrated management model and a solid team of professionals who share the same business culture. We believe that it is the best way to offer our customers a quality service that exceeds their expectations in any place in the world.

A team of professionals in Birmingham provides integral advice in each and every one of the juridical and fiscal will writing matters that develops this law firms expertise in wills.

Our solicitors are experts in banking law and have technical skills, problem-solving capabilities and a balanced approach to negotiations.

The firm advises its clients in banking law, among the issues we discuss are the grant of bank loans and mortgages. Which can be difficult when properties are gained through inheritance.

Our lawyers have experience in the banking and capital markets sector, corporate, as several of our lawyers have worked in prestigious banks across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Our areas of intervention are:

  1. Real Estate finance and development
  2. Asset Finance and acquisitions
  3. Capital Markets
  4. Other transactions

Our lawyers specialising in the property market, involved in acquisitions, leasing and sale of real estate

The firm has a consolidated experience in the following areas:

1. Real Estate sales transactions, we also represent foreign investors in term of UK will writing.

2. Leases of real estate, premises and housing. Seasonal leases. Best holiday Rentals.

3. Advice on construction contracts.

We have multi-jurisdictional experience for all matters of labour law

Our lawyers specialising in labour law understand the difficulties of companies operating at the international level and help them to overcome the different legal and cultural barriers.

We design and implement human resources policies and advise on all aspects of the contentious and non-contentious labour law.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Employment contracts: informing of the different modalities of hiring, possibilities of incentives in Social security or tax of the same ones or of subsidies where appropriate, peculiarities of the hiring such as the agreements of exclusivity, not competence, confidentiality and special attention to the right of aliens at the local level.
  • Advice on labour relations, personnel management and recruitment.
  • Payroll and social insurance preparation.
  • Legal assistance in collective bargaining and labour relations.
  • Employment regulation Records.
  • Assistance and representation in legal lawsuits related to layoffs, amounts and labour relations.
  • Assistance and representation in legal lawsuits regarding Social security benefits (retirement, disability, etc.)

We specialise in the prevention of occupational hazards in matters of health surveillance and safety at work.